BARUCH KIMMERLING (sociology) says there is no difference between Israeli "occupation" (of the West Bank and Gaza) and the Nazi Occupation of Europe

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All occupation regimes have a lot of common patterns 
(and also some uniqueness), especially when portions of 
occupied people exercise their right to oppose by violent 
resistance, and chain of violence from both sides tend to
 increase and to be brutal. It was the same with German 
occupation of Yugoslavia and Russia, the American 
in North-Vietnam and Iraq.
Our occupation of  the Palestinian differed mainly by 
our denial that it is occupation at all, its mixture 
with colonization (like Japanese occupation of Manchuria,
 for example) and its length (by making a temporary 
situation permanent). To these we may add the spatial 
proximity of the two parties and the internal brutalization
 of both the occupied and occupier societies.Wish to all a great academic year.Baruch.  -------------- next part --------------An HTML attachment was scrubbed...URL:

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