The New Center for Iranian Studies under assault by Anti-American TAU Radical Faculty Members

You may recall that a great number of professors at Tel Aviv University held a protest and denounced their own university for opening a new center for Iranian studies this past spring.  For details, see[id]=174&the_session_id=acbbd60787943fb9a74aa6c051f549e7&cookie_lang=en&userid=3112   

The Tel Aviv University center was the initiative of TAU's outgoing president Itamar Rabinovich, hardly a right-winger and - in fact - someone decidedly opposed to free speech for critics.  But the ultra-leftist profs at TAU were upset that the new center might be used to produce papers and research that would serve the cause of American and Israeli "imperialist aggression" against Iran, for example to justify actions designed to prevent the Iranian Nazis from building a nuke.   The professors disrupted the opening ceremony and Rabinovich (a bit uncharacteristically) denounced them.

Well, I would like to invite all the post-Zionist professors in Israel now to show the courage of their convictions.  It is time to denounce St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Yes, it seems that this week, St. Andrews opened its own Center for Iranian Studies, and in fact hosted former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami, who got an honorary PhD.  See  .  Strong criticism has come from the Scottish Committee of Anglo-Iranian Lawyers and others.  SO where were the caring Israeli professors for a jihad victory?   Aren't they worried that this new center will serve the forces of Anglo-American imperialism?   It might even divert Scottish students from the urgent need to boycott Israel!
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