The following discussion concerning the launching of Israel Academia Monitor took place on Alef



Jordan Pollack from Brandeis, known for his anti-Israel pronouncements, (see
Jordan defending Palestinian terrorism as "legitimate" at :pollack at
Mon Nov 22 22:12:33 IST 2004
[alef] The launching of "Israel Academia Monitor" [alef] Finally arrived: Campus Watch in Israel [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]


He calls for people to try to get Israel Academia Monitor indicted under Israeli incitement laws and wants people to harass the server of IAM, at

jordan pollack





"That’s very depressing. Perhaps under israeli incitement laws which are being used
 againste.g. kahanists and womeningreen, it can be shut down by legal pressure on its ISP."



Members of the "ALEF" chat list were upset by the launching of Israel Academia Monitor. This was posted at


Susy Mordechay susim at
Mon Nov 22 21:12:08 IST 2004
[alef] The launching of "Israel Academia Monitor" [alef] mistakes [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ]
"Finally arrived:   Campus Watch on Israeli campuses.  Please see Neve Gordon's 
suggestion below about asking to be added to the list.  I wonder if ABDs are accepted 
as well. Should they not at this stage, would other ABDs join me in a mass petition
 to Campus Watch requiring our inclusion?  We may consider further steps, should 
their response be negative.SM....................Dear Friends,Campus Watch has 
finally made it to Israel  http://israel-academia-monitorcom. The way our 
American counterparts dealt with it, is that they sent an email to Campus Watch
 asking to be added to the list. I think that is how we should deal with it. 
Please distribute this email.Best, Neve    Forwarded by the JPLO List    
JPLO Note:  Here a Zionist source launches an attack against the Jewish
    opposition in Israeli academic institutions."
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