Israel Academia Monitor on Tovia Singer Show: Bash-Israel Conference Coming to Jerusalem Featuring Numerous Israeli Academics

By Lee Kaplan

“A Trojan Horse in Israeli universities! Don’t touch that dial!” Tovia Singer began the teaser opening to his radio show on Israel National News Radio last night, October 30th, 2007. Judging by audience reaction since yesterday, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a radio broadcast nationwide and worldwide across the Internet is worth a billion.


I was speaking as his guest for and giving details about an upcoming conference to be held this November in Jerusalem titled “Dialogue Under Occupation” The Conference, featuring Arab college professors mostly from United States universities all presenting the usual mantra against Israel’s existence, also features numerous Israeli
academics to represent supposedly the Israeli side. The  “dialogue” part of the conference’s title is a deception though; the Israeli college professors will do nothing less than to validate the Arab professors’ unending complaints against and their goals of dismantling the Jewish state.


Tovia, like most of the Israeli and American population that makes up his audience, had heard of Israeli academics like Ilan Pappe and Uri Avney who are passionate about attacking Israel.  But little did Tovia know (nor did I just two weeks before) the number of Israeli professors in Israeli universities runs into the hundreds who are paid salaries by the Israeli taxpayer while they are quietly promoting the destruction of the country. My first introduction of the Israel Academia Monitor website on Tovia’s show will start to let the whole world know now.


Israel Academia Monitor has been in existence for about three years, but has not gotten the amount of exposure it needs. Nobody owns me when it comes to writing and speaking out for Israel and I can say that this is one organization that is doing a crucial service that all Israelis and Jews in the Diaspora, as well as all lovers and supporters of Israel need desperately to know more about.


Tovia observed, “Such a conference couldn’t take place in Damascus or Amman, or anywhere in the Arab world, yet here it is occurring right here in Jerusalem.” He continued, “Don’t these professors benefit from an Israeli democracy? Do people benefit from Israeli freedom in order to try and destroy it?


The answer is that yes, they do. I explained,  “There are reasons why they take advantage of Israel’s democratic society to do so. Many of these professors don’t think of themselves as Jews or Zionists, but as
revolutionaries working for the universal world proletariat.” Many, like Ehud "Udi" Adiv at Israel's Open University are ardent Marxist or Maoist communists who work quietly within Israel’s university system toward their Utopian goal of world revolution. “This is a fifth column within the country itself,” I said.


Tovia and I discussed Udi Advi and how he was arrested and found guilty in the 1970s of running a Syrian spy ring that even planned terrorist attacks in Israel, and how now, after serving his time in prison, he was working on the Israeli taxpayers’ dime as a professor to promote the causes of the PLO to dismantle the state. Many in Israel, and literally nobody in America, know about this man scheduled as a speaker at the “Dialogue Under Occupation” conference in Jerusalem, who will be presented as an Israeli academic seeking a better route for “peace” by ending the “occupation” (meaning all of Israel).


Adiv is now trying to accomplish what his spying for Syria could not do, and he can now seek to do so at a conference in Jerusalem itself!  These Israeli academics allegedly engaging in dialogue are shills for the Arabs and little more than an anti-Zionism, anti-Israel cheering section designed to rubber stamp the Arab side’s complaints.  Some professors even teach from the point of view that Israel’s creation was indeed the Arab nakba and that that is the only legitimate narrative to be believed.


Tovia mentioned information he had gleaned from the I-A-M website of the hundreds of Israeli academics who signed a letter encouraging IDF soldiers not to serve in the Army.

“There are hundreds of Israeli professors who call for Israeli soldiers to go AWOL,” he said, mentioning a page from the website. He continued, “I don’t recall any of these professors calling for the same thing when it came to Gush Katif and throwing the Jews out of Gaza. Why weren’t these academics telling the IDF not to destroy Jewish homes?”

I recounted how some professors allow time off for students to demonstrate against the Jewish state but won’t allow loyal Israeli students time off for reserve Army duty.


These are the types of questions that Israel-Academia-Monitor was set up to elicit from the Israeli public and overseas donors to Israeli
universities. I explained how I-A-M is the Israeli equivalent of Campus Watch, set up in America to monitor bias in Middle East Studies programs. But I-A-M is more sorely needed in Israel because the Jewish state is on the frontline against Arab and world terrorism. Some of the Arab academics scheduled at the Jerusalem event have actually endorsed terrorism as “legitimate resistance.”


The most important observation for me from Tovia was how Israeli
universities, besides being funded by the Israeli taxpayers, are very happy to receive donations from abroad and how little those donors may know about subversives within those universities working diligently to destroy the Jewish nation   He suggested that donors should start to close their pocketbooks until things change. It’s amazing what a little
information can do for people, even more so for the people of Israel, if it exposes deception in academia when it is used to promote war under the guise of “dialogue.”


That is the purpose of Israel-Academia-Monitor; to expose those academics who work for the dissolution of Israel and who, up until now, were unknown to the public-at-large. The purpose is in no way to stifle legitimate criticism or academic freedom, but rather indoctrination and subversion that is going on unobserved by the general public in Israel and abroad.


Readers are encouraged to listen to my interview with Tovia at

and visit the  website for more information.

Thanks, Tovia!



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