Uri Hadar, Eyal Wiezman, Oren Yiftachel, Kenneth Mann - International Conference at Al Quds University, Jerusalem 2-3 July  

  2-3 July, FFIPP-International Conference at Al Quds University, Jerusalem

The Predicament of Gaza and Palestine: US/Israel policies and the role of academia


It has been almost two years since the last FFIPP conference in Ramallah. Since then, the situation in the Occupied Territories has deteriorated with the rapidly worsening conditions in Gaza, the continued construction of the Wall and the settlements, continued violence— mainly against the Palestinians- and the lack of any progress in the ‘negotiations’. The tensions between Hamas and Fatah continued as well and the isolation of Hamas contributed to the general deterioration. The Annapolis conference has failed to produce any positive change in the region and the occupation of Iraq is now threatening to escalate into, potentially, a major confrontation with Iran.

This turbulent political environment in Israel, Palestine and the region, coupled with the devastating socio-economic conditions in Gaza, urgently call for better understanding, cooperation and positive plan of joint action among Internationals, Palestinians and Israelis. This conference has been designed as an aid for such an action.

The Program — a preliminary outline

First Day
1. The Gaza blockade and the demonization of Hamas.

2. US policy in the Middle East in light of the coming
elections: Israel/Palestine and Iraq.

Second Day
3. The Israeli strategy towards Palestine.

4. Academic involvement and the agenda for ending the occupation. [Workshops]
a. Policy papers and concrete research
b. Campaign for free education— how to conduct education under conditions of encirclement.
c. The boycott and divestment campaign.
d. Alternatives modes of action.

The following is a partial list of confirmed speakers and panelists:
1. Gaza blockade: Eyad el-Sarraj, Salim Tamari, Hashim Shawa(President of the Bank of Palestine), Kamalin Shaath, Issam Younis(Director of Al Mizan Centre for Human
Rights), Abdel Karim Ashour (Director of Agriculture Relief Committees), Mona Farra(The Red Crescent Society).
2. US policy: Henry Siegman, Richard Falk, Phyllis Bennis, Bassma Kodmani
3. Israeli policy: Eyal Wiezman, Oren Yiftachel
4. Workshops: Saleh el-Jawad, Islah Jad, Kenneth Mann

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