Israel Academia Monitor in the news: TAU Prof. Says 'Jewish Nation? No Such Thing' - Students Protest
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Published: 07/17/08, 1:08 PM

TAU Prof. Says 'Jewish Nation? No Such Thing' - Students Protest

by Baruch Gordon

( Professor Shlomo Zand of Tel Aviv University says there is no such thing as a Jewish Nation. Students at the university say that the professor is anti-Semitic.

Students Protest 'Anti-Semitic' Tel Aviv Prof
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In his new book, Zand says that Judaism is a religion and is connected to no nation.

The video above features students protesting outside one of the professor's lectures with megaphones and signs declaring that academic freedom does not allow one to distort and slander. The professor responds.

The protest was organized by several student groups including Israel Academia Monitor.

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