The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) invites Moshe Zuckermann [Cohn Institute, Tel Aviv University] to speak on Israel

Norway, Israel and the Jews: Anti-Semitism and the anti-Israel lobby in Norway

NTNU seminars on Middle East – based on research or bias?

NTNU, a prestigious Norwegian university, is this autumn offering a series of seminars on the Middle East. Seeing as how it’s NTNU one would normally expect only the best. Yet the series of seminars as a whole appears rather unbalanced. Clearly we will hear the Palestinian narrative, but who is there to provide the audience with Israel’s perspective? The fact that Ilan Pappe is jewish is certainly no guarantee.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) invites Zuckermann to speak

As elaborated upon in a previous post, prestigous NTNU is holding a series of seminars on Israel this autumn. While allegedly “fact-based” the list of speakers leave little doubt of the nature of the facts to be disclosed – only the ones in support of the Palestinian narrative.

Of the Norwegian speakers, one has interpreted Yusuf-al-Qaradawi’s presentation of the Holocaust as “divine punishment” as something that JFK could have said. Another ran for election in Palfront (Pro-Palestinian group) vowing to “win entire organizations and parties for Palestine”. The third, after one single erroneous article in the Jerusalem Post in March, claimed that “something similar to a smear campaign” was being conducted against Norway.

Of the foreign speakers one is Ilan Pappe. Another is Moshe Zuckermann, who on German radio has claimed that 400 000 people were killed during Cast Lead. Read more here. Notice that although Zuckermann afterwards claimed he had made a mistake, the German radio channel refused to alter the recording.

Fact-based? Aye, one of Norway’s most foremost universities is fact-based all right. So fact-based in fact, they will only examine one side of the story.



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